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Press each button when the elevator rapid fall

Recently, the frequent safety accidents around the elevator. How to ensure the effective protection of personal safety in similar situations, city fire brigade according to relevant rescue experience, developed an elevator ride safety guidelines and related. This guide lists a number of emergency situations, and proposes countermeasures.
"If we can play a practical guidance, we will through various channels, distributed to every citizen." City Fire detachment of the relevant responsible person said, this year they have been aimed at all kinds of unexpected events, making several public safety manual, good social repercussions.


Overload rang, there are still people in the elevator

According to the investigation of the fire department, many places will appear when the elevator goods ladder, or more than the elevator load groups on a phenomenon.

"The passenger elevator when the freight elevator use, transportation of construction materials, construction waste, such as furniture, prone to overload or garbage into orbit and other dangerous, causing the elevator fault." It is understood, overload is a major hidden dangers, elevator operation in general, elevator each quality are equipped with overload warning switch, overcrowding will issue a warning, but this does not mean that security reached one hundred percent.

The fire department said, if the elevator overload warning switch is broken or not enough sensitivity, circuit board problem, once the overload people don't realize, is likely to be unbearable to contemplate the consequences.

Can't push the elevator button

In addition to the elevator and elevator goods ladder overload when used outside, some occurrence and passenger elevator accident improper operation also has a relationship, such as kid chaos by the elevator button, when the elevator door is closed wedge etc..

The elevator used in many high-rise elevator or business places, to see a lot of children thrashed around, or at random according to the floor button. In addition to the child, some young people also like to stomp on the elevator, or even skip. One packet was caught in the door, in the clothes, not press the door key, but ye.

"These are likely to lead to the sudden failure of elevator." Fire brigade in the preparation of safety guidelines as a focus reflected.

Do not pay attention to the inspection date

The reporter had to elevator safety do some investigation, found that in addition to some human factors, more people do not pay attention to the elevator inspection date in the elevator.

"Elevator inspection date is the most can embody the elevator safety performance." According to the introduction, in accordance with the relevant provisions, elevator repair records and inspection date, it should be embodied in the elevator. In addition, the elevator ride attention has also manifested in a prominent position, so that the public can see.

However, although a lot of elevator service units have the safety alert symbol, but the attitude people worrying.
Some people said in an interview, never pay attention to before the elevator safety inspection date, emergency telephones, "can take on the line, who will pay attention to this?" Cherish the chances were not in the minority. In addition, more people on the elevator safety knowledge are poorly understood, even meet elevator failure, never call or alarm, but do not know how to do.


Emergency situations: speed drop

Response: from physics perspective, the elevator speed falls, people do not erect in elevator, also don't squat, this kind of pose is damage on the body during landing, light fracture, heavy paralysis or death. Correct posture is to choose a not corner close to the door, knees bent, the body is half crouch, on tiptoe, try to maintain a balance, a child should be enfolded the child in her arms.

No matter how many floors, to press all the buttons for each floor. When the start of the emergency power, the elevator can immediately stop the fall; if there was a hand, tightly with one hand, it can be fixed position, so that you are not due to postural instability and falls; the back and head against the wall, in a straight line. In the elevator abnormal speed, passengers should be walking car wall, and legs remain flexed sideways, to alleviate the burden on the elevator stop not adapt.

When the elevator stopped, quickly the car emergency telephone or mobile phone and the duty personnel, maintenance personnel contact will be trapped; information release to the elevator elevator in the building where the units or management institutions or elevator maintenance unit. Tell the staff position, where the lift car, such as the number, age, physical condition and contact.

Emergency situations: trapped in an elevator

Response: in the elevator narrow sultry, passengers may worry that trapped will suffocate, the trapped in an elevator would suffocate people? The national standards are strict rules on the elevator ventilation, even trapped ladder is the normal ventilation ventilation system. In addition, the elevator has many moving parts, such as connecting location, such as a car wall, the car roof and the bond between have a gap, the gap in general enough people need to breathe.

Therefore, if trapped in an elevator, you can use the car control emergency intercom device on the panel to building the personnel on duty. Emergency intercom device located in the control panel at the top of the car, is a "call" or "alarm bell" pattern button. Press the button, and the personnel on duty can call. If the emergency lamp does not light, passengers can use other sources (such as mobile phone screen brightness), find the alarm button or a phone number, timely alarm.

If the button is no answer, you can call the car safety inspection of qualified sign "maintenance Telephone" or car nameplate "emergency repair electrical