Elevator Knowledge

Precautions for the usage of buttons in the elevator car 2016/6/7

When passenger takes the elevator, he should firstly press the floor selection button or door open button/ door close button slightly, it is forbidden to hit the button fiercely or with sharp objects. When there is water or oil on hands, please clean it and conduct the floor selection button, so as to avoid polluting the button, or penetrate water into the operation panel, which may result in breakage or electric shock.

When passenger takes the elevator with kids, please look after the kids and not allow kids to press the buttons on control panel randomly. If the floor has been selected without anyone arrives, the elevator would also stop at the selected floor, which increases the power consumption. Moreover, it also greatly increases the waiting time for other passengers. Because some elevators also have the floor-elimination function, disordered pressing the button may also eliminate the selected floor of other passengers, thus the elevator would not stop at the preset floor.