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Elevator Working Principles

Both ends of the hoist rope tied up on the traction pulley and the guide pulley are respectively connected with the lift car and the counterpoise. The electronic tractor operates along with the traction pulley by adjusting the speed of decelerator, then the lift car and the counterpoise would travel in opposite direction with the traction force produced by the friction between the hoist rope and the guide pulley, hence, the purpose of delivery is achieved....

Thyssenkrupp the next generation of the elevator: magnetic suspension technique

Thyssenkrupp in Germany, unveil a plan of the elevator’s next generation, It will be very different as we know ,that is the Maglev elevator.

In Thyssenkrupp’s eyes,the next generation of the elevator will use the similar technology of the Maglev train. It can Shuttle from high building to high building above 300 meters . Thyssenkrupp’ has very confident in it. Even they called their new technology “the holy grail of elevator industry”...

How to break out of the domestic elevator brands

But behind the first country is still full of worries, it is only the first country only, not the first elevator power. According to the analysis research group elevator industry prospective industry research institute, China's elevator market share of more than 50% by Otis Elevator, Mitsubishi elevator, Schindler elevator, Hitachi elevator international giant occupation, especially in the field of high-end elevator, few Chinese elevator brands, China's elevator brand mainly concentrated in the lower end of the field, poor profitability, which greatly limits the enterprise self accumulation, foundation for bigger and stronger weakened. ...

Press each button when the elevator rapid fall

Recently, the frequent safety accidents around the elevator. How to ensure the effective protection of personal safety in similar situations, city fire brigade according to relevant rescue experience, developed an elevator ride safety guidelines and related. This guide lists a number of emergency situations, and proposes countermeasures.

"Elevator tragedy” frequently performed, salient regulatory responsibilities “fuzzy region”

On May 14, an elevator drop dead accident happened in Xian Red Temple Happy Homeland district, Ms Du who is 55 years old dropped from 15 floors through elevator shaft and died. On May 15, an elevator in a building of Shenzhen had an accident, a female medical trainee died.

With the progress of urbanization, a lot of high-rise buildings were built, elevator become the indispensable tool.But the elevator accidents frequently happened, and salient regulatory responsibilities’ “fuzzy region” and sounded the alarm for elevator’s safety.

The Deputy Director of AQSIQ Mr. Wei Chuanzhong indicated that AQSIQ will enhance the relative legislation, form the multiple work patterns, and promote to establish security responsibility which put manufacturer as the main body; promote the ability and method of elevator technical support so that risks are minimized.

The competition of elevator industry increased, China domestic outstanding enterprises raised

The competition of elevator industry increased in China, the merger integration of elevator enterprises became rapid. Domestic outstanding elevator enterprises paid more and more attention on discussing the market, especially the developing environment and client’s needs. As a result, a lot of domestic outstanding enterprises raised and became leaders of elevator industry.

The fastest lift technology showed in Chongqing

In 2004, Taipei 101 tower installed the fastest elevator in the world. It takes just 39 seconds to travel from Taipei 101's ground level up to the 89th floor at the reigning speed of 1, 010 meters per minute. This technology came to Chongqing on March 22. Several super high buildings in Chongqing may use this kind of technology. The elevators are produced by Toshiba; it has super high speed and electric saving. And a kind of “super central air-conditioner” has entered in Chongqing. Baifu group will use it in five star hotel and fancy office buildings. The main body of this air conditioner can be 200 meters from the terminal.(25th.March)

2013 China Elevators and Accessories Expo In Suzhou International Expo Center (7-10.March)

ELEXPO Profile

As one of the three major regions for China’s elevator industry, Yangtze River Delta in east China is particularly outstanding.It is an important pole with the greatest number of enterprises and the most complete industrial chain in the elevator industry. Our ELEXPO is dedicated to the erection of international exchange and trade platforms for elevator manufactures and componants both home and abroad.

Exhibitors & Visitors in ELEXPO 2011

The exhibition(ELEXPO 2011) has covered an area of 20,000 ㎡ and attracts a total of 11,128 visitors from 34 countries and regions to the scene. Apart from professional visitors from mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, the exhibition also invited more than 300 overseas buyers from the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia etc. for visit and purchasement. Furthmore, there are oversea-buyers group from Iran, Korea, Vietnam and Turkey to the fair. 65.75% of them are professional buyers with purchase recommendation and have final decision-making power.

Appreciation from the andiences

(1) We are very concerned about the development of Chinese elevator industry and we hope we can have more communication to strenghthen information exchange,push forward more interaction and cooperation between Europe and Chinese elevator market. We felt that this exhibition has high internationality profile and the international forum at the same time gave us more useful information. Furthermore, service at fair site also impressed me very much.

Massimo Bezzi – Vice President of EFESME

(2)We come from Australia and attend this expo to seek the proper manufactures. This exhibition is smaller than the one in Langfang, but for us, this is much better, because we have already found several nice suppliers to negotiate and factories visit have already been made. We feel thankfulness for that.

George Kavallaris – Managing Director of Elevator Services Group Pty Ltd.

(3)We hope there are more Chinese elevator exhibition. It’s a very good way to understand Chinese market and companies. This is also a good platform to communicate with Chinese elevator expert and show China our organization and its members. We hope we can work closely with ELEXPO to exchange the information of tall buildings and elevator.