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Thyssenkrupp the next generation of the elevator: magnetic suspension technique

Thyssenkrupp in Germany, unveil a plan of the elevator’s next generation, It will be very different as we know ,that is the Maglev elevator.

In Thyssenkrupp’s eyes,the next generation of the elevator will use the similar technology of the Maglev train. It can Shuttle from high building to high building above 300 meters . Thyssenkrupp’ has very confident in it. Even they called their new technology “the holy grail of elevator industry”

Different from our common elevator, Thyssenkrupp maglev elevator will use technology of Parallel double slide rail single cage design. There is only one cabin in circular movement between two slides, the elevator movement speed is 5 meters per second. Though it is not more fastest than the fastest elevator 20 meters per second at present, the cycle of design will greatly shortens the waiting time.

The prototype of the maglev elevator will be launched at the end of 2016, When it can be mass production popularization, please looking forward to it