PB02 Zinc Alloy Frame Elevator Push Button

thin elevator call buttons

Instaill dimension size: 32.2*32.2mm
Installed by plastic clipping, suitable for 2-4mm thickness
Material: hair line 304# stainless steel panel, zinc alloy body, andengineer plastic
Braille code:Vailable
Voltage: DC24V,12V
Inner switch brand: imported OMRON switch
Switch life span: 3,000,000 times
Super thin elevator square design push button, lift super thin call buttons,Offer samples for test with very quick delivery time.The button is heavy but thin, it is also very easy to install without any tools
Illumination Color: Red,blue,white,yellow.
Floor symbols: digits, up arrow, down arrow,door close, door open,alarm,intercom,stop(s),etc
In accordance with European standards EN-81.


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