AK31 Series Hyundai Elevator Buttons

Hyundai Elevator Push Button

Install Mounting Dimension:

Hyundai elevator design push button is our new mold products,there are 3 kinds of button style for our customer to choose.

Body material: Zinc metal with chrome plating

Push panel material: Stainless steel

Installation:By plastic clipping

Plastic color: Orange

LLED color: Red /Blue

Elevator maintenance should be done in every 15days in Shenzhen

Elevator maintenance service depts. have to arrive at the locale place in 30 minutes to execute the rescue after they get the passenger’s complaint; the elevators has to be maintained and upkeep every 15days. Such implementing regulations were compiled in the < Shenzhen Special Equipment Safety Supervision Ordinance>. The Ordinance (draft) was published on yesterday on the Legal Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal Council website in order to ask for the citizens’ comments, and it has the detailed principles for the elevator’s safe using.

La historia de nuestra fábrica que se especializa en la producción de productos de botón del ascensor ha sido 10 años, tiene una rica experiencia en la producción de los botones del ascensor, el producto se ha formado múltiples series y especies, para que los clientes elijan o personalicen, según la demanda del cliente puede desarrollar molde. Los botones del ascensor de nuestra fábrica son de buena calidad, están de moda, han ganado el aprecio de los clientes antiguos y nuevos.

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