AK26 Series Elevator Push Button

AK26 elevator button

Button Optional: Feature:

1) LED color: red LED,blue LED,yellow LED,other color LED

2) Braille: without braille,braille in button surface

3) Button surface: flat surface

4) Connection:wire connection

5) Voltage:DV24V,DC12V

6) Normal open,normal closed

7) Number and figure in buttons surface:


1) Button surface material:outer frame material is stainless steel,,button surface cover material is stainless steel

2) The thickness of installation plate:2-7mm

3) Installed by plastic clipping,very easy to install

4) Fire-proof components,in accordance with European standard EN-81

5) Life: more then 5 million of operation life

6) General use type,suitable for all elevator


Install Mounting Dimension: Figure Dimension:

Feature 1. Elliptical look with arc line, 3d effect is good. 2.plated stainless steel frame and stainless steel chicklet. 3.depth of installation faceplate can be chosen as per client requirement. 4.long life-span and high reliable jiggle switch. 5.fixed by knobs, easy for installation 6.fireproof components 7.in accordance with European standards EN-81.Specification.

The buttons include landing button, up and down button,door open and down button,alarm and intercom button etc. The red illumination color of button can instead with various LEDs.

There are various types push buttons, welcome to contact us for more information.

Please see the AK26 buttons project

blue led elevator push buttons

Market monopoly behavior of five international elevator giant

Recently, the European Commission announced a market monopoly behavior of five international elevator giant to punish nearly one billion Euros. In the interview, the reporter learned that, due to the impact of the international elevator brand, Chinese own brand of elevator companies in the domestic market can only survive in the cracks. In the face of the International Elevator giant competition, small and medium-sized elevator companies can only survive in the cracks

To form prices alliance privately

The five elevator manufacturers were penalized a total of 992.2 million Euros. 5 elevator companies are Germany's ThyssenKrupp, United States Otis, Switzerland Schindler, Finland KONE, Mitsubishi Electric Japan Europe Limited.

Punished five elevator giant companys occupy first chairs in the world elevator manufacturing industry, all of them rich and powerful. It is estimated that only Otis manufacturer of elevators, escalators and flat escalator, every nine days, the total number of users is equivalent to the total population of the world. The investigation of these big companies started in early 2004. The investigation has revealed that in 1995-2004, these companies in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and other countries joined hands to manipulate the market price, to carve up the market share, and reap the huge monopoly profits.

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