AK25 Series Elevator Push Button

LG elevator push button

Button Optional: Feature:

1) LED color: red LED,blue LED,yellow LED,other color LED

2) Braille: without braille,braille in button surface

3) Button surface: flat surface

4) Connection:wire connection

5) Voltage:DV24V,DC12V

6) Normal open,normal closed

7) Number and figure in buttons surface:


1) Button surface material:outer frame material is Zinc alloy,button surface cover material is stainless steel

2) The thickness of installation plate:2-3mm

3) Installed by plastic clipping

4) Fire-proof components,in accordance with European standard EN-81

5) Life: more then 5 million of operation life

6) Reference supplied for LG elevator


Install Mounting Dimension: Figure Dimension:

LG Elevator Push buttons

"Do you know that double click on the elevator button can uncheck the selected floor?" Recently, a post has spread online that the elevators produced by several biggest elevator manufacturers possess the function of cancelling the selected floor. The elevator experts indicate that, not all elevators on the market have the function of "cancelling the selected floor". Most elevator buttons with this function are newly produced elevator models.

Insiders of elevator industry told the reporter that the function of cancelling the selected floor was not included in the standard configuration. It was firstly applied in the elevators produced by Mitsubishi Corp. In recent years, many elevator companies found that this function would make it convenient for the users. Therefore they added this function to their respective products one after another. Not all elevators on the market have this function because the elevator manufacturers added this function to their products in different time. No matter how many time you press the elevator buttons of the old-fashioned lifts, "cancelling the selected floor" will not work.

KONE elevator sales break 10 billion

Kone Elevator Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, established by the Finland KONE Group, since its inception in 1998, the rapid development to become one of the largest suppliers of elevators and escalators, has achieved sales income of 10.074 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39%.

It is reported that, with the development of new products, brand strengthen and the developing of domestic sales channels, 2013 KONE elevator is expected to remain more than 15% of the growth in total sales of over 13 billion yuan.

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