AK22 Series Elevator Push Button

AK22 elevator buttons

Button Optional: Feature:

1) LED color: red LED,blue LED,yellow LED,other color LED

2) Braille: without braille, braille in button surface

3) Button surface: flat surface

4) Connection:wire connection

5) Voltage:DV24V,DC12V

6) Normal open,normal closed

7) Number and figure in buttons surface:


1) Button surface material:outer frame material is ABS,button surface cover material is stainless steel

2) The thickness of installation plate:2-7mm

3) Installed by plastic clipping, very easy to install

4) Fire-proof components,in accordance with European standard EN-81

5) Life: more then 5 million of operation life

6) General use type,suitable for all elevator


Install Mounting Dimension: Figure Dimension:

AK22 push button with the convex symbol.The convex symbol is made by the plastic, the push panel is made by stainless steel,the LED is red light,the color of the symbol is white

we manufacture and supply elevator parts, lift button for OTIS, KONE, Thyssenkrupp, LG, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Schindler, etc

-Round push button

-Hair line stainless steel faceplate

-Braille symbol

-NC, NO is available

-RED illumination is our standard lighting, blue, green, yellow etc other illuminations can be supplied according to customer's request.

Please contact Pybom to know more details.

We Ningbo Beilun Elevator Technology Co., Ltd. are one of the best elevator buttons and elevator cop manufacturer and traders in China, we especially produce many different kinds of push buttons, car operation panel, and landing operation panel with very high workmanship in the electronic components, the plastic molds ,the wire cable and the package.

What are the elevator warning signs?

With the increasing number of floors, there are more and more elevators. The wear and tear which caused by the frequently use of elevators have led to more and more elevators accidents. Besides the normal maintenance, there will always be signs as warnings before the accident. What are the elevator warning signs?

I. Jitter phenomenon (shaking from side to side, moving up and down, resonance with sound and so on)
1. Elevator jitter in quality
2. Elevator jitter in installation
3. Elevator jitter in debugging

II. The elevator floor sliding phenomenon (Slide below the designated floor)
The elevator hoisting phenomenon (Rise from the designated floor to the above, to the roof)

IV. Lift cage sinking phenomenon (The bottom of the lift cage and the floor are not in the same plane, lower than the floor height)

V. Button failure phenomenon (Failure of the open and close button and the floor button)
Generally, there are warning signs before the elevator accidents. We should pay more attention in daily use and immediately inform the relevant personnel when finding some problems.

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