AK20 Series Elevator Push Button

OTIS elevator push button

Button Optional: Feature:

1) LED color: red LED,blue LED,yellow LED,other color LED

2) Braille: without braille

3) Button surface: concave mirror surface,flat stainless steel surface

4) Connection:wire connection

5) Voltage:DV24V,DC12V

6) Normal open,normal closed

7) No Number and figure in buttons surface

1) Button surface material:outer frame material is ABS,button surface cover material is stainless steel,mirror type button surface

2) The thickness of installation plate:2-7mm

3) Installed by plastic clipping

4) Fire-proof components,in accordance with European standard EN-81

5) Life: more then 5 million of operation life

6) Reference supplied for OTIS elevator


Install Mounting Dimension: Figure Dimension:

Otis elevator buttons

Please see the AK20 buttons project

OTIS elevator brand symbol

In 1853 Americans of Eliza Graves Otis sold his first safety elevator, he invented the safety safe elevator history. At this point, OTIS elevator is a great invention of science, the star of the tomorrow of the flash brand so that people of their full of lofty respect and look forward to.

A great brand formation, never accomplish at one stroke, OTIS elevator brand also is such. For over 150 years, OTIS elevator is always the elevator industry leader. In Europe and other developed countries the minds of users, it is a symbol of quality and safety, with both Mediterranean sightseeing elevator delicate and cabinet, can also in New York building show brilliant in its atmosphere, the creation of brand before one hundred years of history, the brand cognition is optimistic, upward. OTIS Elevator Company reputation, product, quality, culture, science and technology, potential and other important information concisely into brand symbol, focus on shaping the extensive social visibility and reputation, deep in the public mind, brand symbol into the hearts of consumers. Brand building process, it is easy to high-end, high efficiency and strong, Otis Elevator brand symbol formation, often by each big business school as a classic case analysis, a brand marketing model.

In China, OTIS elevator brand is what gives the outstanding answer? We see not hard, with China to accelerate energy-saving emission reduction step, Otis Elevator rapidly change the marketing idea, not only to stabilize the high-level market brand loyalty, but also for low level user awareness, and continuously to the practical security formation appeared in the the user in the life. OTIS elevator is not only the United States distinguished reputation, is the life of Chinese people of integrity partners. In the communication and brand management process, Otis Elevator, gradually people first, and then into the thousands of families, become their life safety and the protection of the image.

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