AK01 Series Elevator Push Button

FUJI elevator button

Button Optional: Feature:

1) LED color: red LED,blue LED,yellow LED,other color LED

2) Braille: with braille, without braille

3) Button surface: flat surface

4) Connection:wire connection

5) Voltage:DV24V,DC12V

6) Normal open,normal closed

7) Number and figure in buttons surface:


1) Button surface material:outer frame material is ABS,button surface cover material is stainless steel

2) The thickness of installation plate:2-3mm

3) Installed by plastic clipping

4) Fire-proof components,in accordance with European standard EN-81

5) Life: more then 5 million of operation life

6) Reference supplied for FUJI elevator


Install Mounting Dimension: Figure Dimension:

We are a professional manufacturer of elevator buttons which locates in Ningbo China. It specializes in producing all kinds of push button,call button for elevator or lift, we provide high quality plastic button mold,good ABS and stainless steel materials for our products. With the satisfying quality and good serivces, we win the excellent oversea market in recent years.For Türk Asansör Dügmeleri

FUJI elevator button

Push button to increased dimension with balancing activation, symbol in relief (EN 81-70) and with braille.

AK02(AK01+ BRAILLE) push button can easy be installed on all elevator car panel

lift push button

Shanxi Xian sent out 120 thousand elevator safety warning signs

In order to let people use elevator safely, recently, the BTS of Xi an city Shanxi province printed 120 thousand safety warning signs and will use them by the end of this month.
As we know, these warning signs will use in all passenger elevators, goods elevator, escalators and auto sidewalks in Xian including “no overload, do not stay in the doorway, do not play and jump, do not touch elevator buttons”. Xian BTS demanded that the maintenance and using companies should put on the signs before January 30, 2013.

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