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How to break out of the domestic elevator brands

But behind the first country is still full of worries, it is only the first country only, not the first elevator power. According to the analysis research group elevator industry prospective industry research institute, China's elevator market share of more than 50% by Otis Elevator, Mitsubishi elevator, Schindler elevator, Hitachi elevator international giant occupation, especially in the field of high-end elevator, few Chinese elevator brands, China's elevator brand mainly concentrated in the lower end of the field, poor profitability, which greatly limits the enterprise self accumulation, foundation for bigger and stronger weakened.

The biggest worry is more than that, at present China's elevator market is one of the few international elevator market can realize the profit of the market by selling the elevator, if the elevator enterprises in our country cannot grow through the development gap, the Chinese elevator brand is likely to face the risk of comprehensive fall. According to the development practice of developed country elevator market, almost all of the elevator enterprises through the elevator repair and maintenance and renovation to profit, elevator sales barely profitable.

Along with our country real estate, rail traffic in the area of investment growth is slowing, the elevator industry competition will be more intense, sales profit decline can hardly be avoided. This makes China's elevator enterprise's living environment is more difficult, especially for the elevator less amount of enterprises, repair maintenance less profit, market competition has become increasingly fierce in sales profits, directly led to a significant decline in the two profit point elevator industry profits, the sharp drop in corporate profits, the ability of self accumulation and development weakened.

Therefore, in the face of danger may now exist, China's domestic elevator brand must be suffering consciousness, using recent 5-10 years period of rapid development and growth opportunities. Because competition is fierce must be a trend for future profits, the elevator industry comes mainly from the elevator maintenance market certainly is a trend. If there is not enough quantity scale, enterprise development will be a challenge. But how to do large scale?

Analysis team that prospective industry Institute of elevator industry:

First of all, as the domestic elevator brand, must grow in the low-end market, even the absolute control of a few companies, in order to realize the quantity breakthrough, to lay the foundation of the market better for maintenance market. The low end of the market, while sales of profit, but it is also the international elevator giants are few to encroach on the market. As long as the population reached a certain scale, can be in the low-end market by elevator maintenance profit for the enterprise to provide sustainable development of high-end market funds support, gradually infiltrated the high-end market.

Secondly, increase the intensity and effectiveness of technology research and development, realize the key technology breakthrough in elevator. Because from the current situation, China's elevator brand in the technology has indeed and the international giant gap still exists, and no advantage, venturing into the high-end market is the result of out only gray headed gray face, this is the inevitable. In the brand, technology has no advantage, the price war will be a good choice? Obviously not, for international companies, they too used to combat this, has been in the European market operations for decades, it China market exceptions? Therefore, in the low-end market decided the discourse power and enlarge the market, strive for quantity breakthrough technology R & D realize profits maintenance market return to support enterprises, technology R & D results driven by rising elevator brand reputation, gradually in the elevator market penetration is a good path. At the same time, in the transition process to avoid using the brand ,the best is to promote the brand reputation in the progress of technology promotion.

Third, for domestic brands elevator, should actively seek the support of national policies, especially in the area of public construction, should be used in preference to domestic elevator brand, to support the development of the domestic elevator. According to the statistics of prospective industry research institute: the local government has passed the examination and approval of the city subway rail construction planning, 2012-2020 years new operation mileage to 6334 kilometers .Analysis Group in accordance with the station spacing of 1.2 km, each platform escalators 8 units, each unit is calculated 700000 yuan, prospective industry Institute of elevator industry only highly public escalator market scale reached 29500000000, an average of about 3300000000 yuan. This is clearly the market can not be ignored.